• The Educational Commitment of Anthony Domish

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • Over his 24-year career as a police officer and sometime police chief, Anthony Domish managed to compile 4000-plus hours of specialized law enforcement post-academy training, which means he is very highly qualified in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement, and his experience just enhances that. Tony Domish also holds a certification from the Criminal Justice Training Commission First level, as well as certifications in Middle management and as an Executive. In his spare time, Tony loves to fish Washington’s abundant rivers and lakes, although he’s a particular expert at fishing Lake Curlew in Republic, Washington.

    Of course, Anthony Domish’s education began like anyone else’s, with his graduation from O’Dea High School across the state in Seattle. , but he followed that up with college degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. While he was attending college, Anthony Domish also Graduate of both the Washington State Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy and the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic law Enforcement Academy. Tony Domish has been learning all his life and plans to continue to do so.

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